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Be B.O.L.D.

Dr. Michele uses her 20-plus years in higher education and life experiences to help you live with authentic confidence in your personal and professional life.

About Dr. Michele

Highly sought-after international keynote speaker, bestselling author, and transformational coach Dr. Michele Wells is one of the most compelling, compassionate, and captivating voices in motivational speaking today, empowering audiences with transformational principles to show up with authentic confidence, stand in their greatness, and attain success. Leveraging over 20 years of professional experience as a social work educator, Dr. Michele is now on a mission to impact audiences and train individuals, corporations, and universities worldwide with her message of encouragement and empowerment so they can be the best version of themselves. She guides individuals, particularly professional women, to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals so they can confidently show up and reach those they have been called to serve.

Dr. Michele’s extensive leadership expertise has landed her on major stages across the United States, and her exceptional skills have allowed her to deliver keynotes to some of the most prominent platforms in the industry. She has delivered dynamic speeches for live and virtual global audiences, including Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour at Michigan State University, which aired to millions of viewers on the Onstage Plus global network.

Dr. Michele Wells Speaking in Public

A champion for women’s advocacy for over 30 years, Dr. Michele champions the success of women who desire to heal from past hurts and pains. As a social worker and former minister, she supports clients who have struggled with challenges of false confidence and pride to have breakthrough experiences and become all they were created and designed to be. Over the years, she has made remarkable efforts to help women boost their self-confidence, shift their mindsets, and achieve their dreams. 

Consistent with her unyielding passion for helping others succeed, Dr. Michele serves as CEO of Courageous Voice Academy, a global company that helps women who have experienced adversity in life and emotional wounds. She empowers and equips them with tools and strategies to move forward beyond fears and limiting mindsets, clarify their values, and identify their inner strength. Courageous voice gives women a way forward to find their voice by identifying the areas in their lives where they may be sabotaging their growth, clarifying the foundation of who they are, and moving forward to a next-level life that serves them so that they can effectively serve others. The goal is to assist professional women to be authentically confident and attract the life they desire. Dr. Michele is also the Founder of BOLD Voice, her groundbreaking signature program that serves professional women who want to take the journey of personal growth to become B.O.L.D.--Breakthrough Obstacles to Lead in Destiny--in their lives. 

As an influential figure, Dr. Michele is the contributing author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, My Ramblings in the Silence, a devotional journal. She is also the author of her soon-to-be-released book, BOLD Choices, which empowers women to be courageous and confident by overcoming limiting mindsets and encouraging them to TAKE the Lead in their life! Dr. Michele is also a visionary recognized for her leadership, commitment, and contributions to her community and the next generation. Her work has been featured in hundreds of prominent media platforms such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, leading talk shows, radio segments, podcasts, newspapers, and magazines, including Speakers Magazine and the June 2022 issue of TOPS magazine, among others. Connect with Dr. Michele at

Signature Talks

Dr. Michele Wells Be B.O.L.D Out Loud Headshot

Be B.O.L.D. Out Loud!

Strategies on how to Breakthrough in Life!

Dr. Michele Wells Goal Crusher Headshot

Goal Crusher

5 Strategies to Crush Your Goals!

Dr. Michele Wells From Fear to Fierce Headshot

From Fear to Fierce!

Tools to Live Free from
Fear Holding you back!

Be B.O.L.D Out Loud!

Connect With Dr. Michele

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Michele Wells PhD, MSW




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