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We help professional women to be B.O.L.D.—Breakthrough Obstacles to Lead in their Destiny. We help them to reconnect with their true self by Rediscovering purpose and passion, Realigning with values and strengths, and to Reset so that they will show up with authentic confidence!

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Embrace Your B.O.L.D. Voice

Sometimes you are ready for a change in your life, but you just can't seem to commit to doing it. Sometimes you are just unsure of the path forward and need guidance to bring clarity to your direction. There are real fears of stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing your goals.
The security of where you currently are can stunt your growth! It keeps you thinking small and causes you to be stuck. You can lose your passion and silence your voice. Coaching with Dr. Michele will assist you to regain your B.O.L.D. voice! Develop the plans and strategies to move you to your next level!

Career Strategies

If you are finding yourself feeling stagnant in your career, or completely stuck and unsure of your direction, coaching can help you to move forward. As you identify and clarify your goals for how you want to advance in your career then a plan with practical steps and tools for your given career can give you a new spark and a new perspective. When you are not experiencing the fullest and most courageous version of yourself it can lead to missed opportunities for growth. The gifts and talents that are not used are wasted away. That is why the development of a strategy through coaching experience can be an open door to a more meaningful and fruitful career or move to entrepreneurship.

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